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The Fame: Titular Track Alert (Careful What You Wish For, Gaga!)
August 06, 2021

This episode was recorded on Friday, May 21, 2021. It's time for the titular track, people! This isn't just the name of a song--it's the name of an ERA! The Fame! Are you in it for the fame? This song

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich (Hey, Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad)
July 23, 2021

This episode was recorded on Friday, May 7, 2021. Before you even start this episode of the Chromaticast we'd like to issue a formal apology to Lady Gaga and her team. Although our special guest, Blai

What Else Can We Say About Eh, Eh?
July 09, 2021

This episode was recorded on Friday, April 23rd. Did you know that Lady Gaga is Italian? Of course you did! This was the song that introduced you to this pizza loving Italian Princess. Jo Anna and Kal

Poker Face: Spoiler Alert: It’s Not About Cards
June 25, 2021

This episode was recorded on Friday, April 9th. This is a big one, Little Monsters! We're finally talking about it--the song that rocked the charts--Poker Face! Kali and Jo Anna thought this song was

A Very Gaga Birthday
June 11, 2021

We recorded this episode on Friday, March 26th--a few days prior to Lady Gaga's 35th birthday. This episode is a magical birthday celebration complete with gifts, games, and of course--birthday cake! We are joined by Kali's cousin and fellow Little Mo...

Let’s Play a Game…A LoveGame
May 28, 2021

We hope you've been binging the only known Lady Gaga podcast made by her BEST FANS. If you haven't sent this show to a Little Monster yet...what are you waiting for? We need to get these numbers up so Lady Gaga gives us the official stamp.

Just Dance, Already!
May 28, 2021

You're back for more! Who could blame you? This is, after all, the only known Lady Gaga podcast on the internet and we are her BEST FANS. Now that you've learned where Stefani Germanotta comes from--you'll appreciate her evolution into the greatest P...

Not A Girl Gaga… Not Yet a Lady Gaga
May 28, 2021

Finally! A Lady Gaga podcast worthy of Mother Monster herself--We are Jo Anna Van Thuyne and Kali Tripodis, Lady Gaga's BEST FANS, and we're here to bring you a podcast about Lady Gaga FOR GAGA...but any Little Monster can listen...we guess.

Welcome to The Chromaticast
May 26, 2021

Greetings from Chromatica! Home of Lady Gaga: Liberator of Kindness Punks, Mother of Little Monsters, and Tricon for the Ages. We are Jo Anna Van Thuyne and Kali Tripodis. Inarguably, Lady Gaga's BEST FANS.