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Chosen Nation Podcast

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Episode 9: I Am Resilient
April 16, 2016

Topic: Resiliency Preacher: Tina Navar Date: Apri…

Episode 8: Patterns in Three
March 18, 2016

Topic: Patterns in Three Preacher: Josie Casarrub…

Episode 7: Peace in the Storm
March 07, 2016

Topic: Peace in the Storm Preacher: Tina Navar Da…

Episode 5: Who Is Your Doppelgänger?
February 11, 2016

Topic: Who Do We Imitate? Preacher: Sharon Somoza…

Episode 4: Being Bold
January 30, 2016

Topic: Be Bold Preacher: Tina Navar Date: 1/29/30

Episode 3: Wake Up
December 05, 2015

Topic: Wake Up Preacher: Josie Casarrubias Date: …

Special: Youth Service
November 24, 2015

Topic: Prodigals Preacher: Tina Navar Date Record…

Episode 1 : Sharing THE Word
October 25, 2015

In this episode we discuss the experiences that c…

Episode #0
September 12, 2015

This is our first recording in our all new podcas…