Chilling With The Diaspora

Chilling With The Diaspora

How to use your personal story as an asset for public speaking career?

July 26, 2017

Imagine not being able to speak a word of English as a teenager who just moved to the United States.
Imagine getting bullied for being African and then just a few years later turning it all into being an
amazing source of inspiration and leadership for young Africans living abroad. Doing that through public
speaking across the United States and the world. From the DRC based out of Florida let's get into Salem
Soni's African experience.

To discover in this episode:
[01:39] - Salem's story about growing up in Kinshasa and why his family ended up moving to America.
[10:36] - Overcoming the language barrier and experiencing racism and bullying.
[17:23] - Salem's parents had played a vital role in keeping him grounded and centred.
[22:22] - Why did Salem decide to go into public speaking? Talking about inner peace, understanding who you are, influencing and inspiring people to action as well as the immense power of words.
[30:17] - What is Salem's ideology and who does he hope to speak to?
[39:11] - Top three tips for making success happen.
[46:55] - Salem talks about his vision, how to make a living from public speaking and gives more tips to other Africans.
[1:04:40] - IceTouch's AHA moment.
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