Chilling With The Diaspora

Chilling With The Diaspora

Promote Africa | ep4: Africans Building Africa

July 12, 2017

What’s up everybody, I am back at this and apologies for publishing this episode later then expected as it was recorded quite a moment ago, I must admit. My guest today, Amadou represents Senegal… All day. He moved to the states at a young age and after living the African American lifestyle and launching a couple of small businesses he decided to co-found Africans Building Africa, a platform dedicated to promoting African entrepreneurship, which is a way to contribute to the development of the continent, now let’s get into his African Experience.

To discover in this episode:

[01:53] – Amadou talks about his background, turning his life around and the importance of home education.
[14:42] – Growing up with an entrepreneurial mentality, starting his own business and the 'idolizing American life mentality'.
[18:59] – Where the idea for the Africans Building Africa platform came from and what it's all about.
[23:25] – ABA stories and why every story matters.
[24:59] – How does Amadou reach people all over Africa from his base in the US?
[28:25] – What are Amadou's biggest challenges and goals for the future.