Chilling With The Diaspora

Chilling With The Diaspora

Promote Africa | ep1: SilverTrustMedia…Showcasing people of African decent

March 01, 2017

...From Canada

First episode of the series on "outlets that promote Africa" is focusing on Silver Trust Media and its mission of “uplifting people of African decent inside and outside their community”, founded by Moses Mawa at the age of 20, just a couple of years after moving to Canada (from Uganda). Where he met and married Patricia, who had moved from her home country of Nigeria. They have been referred to as power couple by CNN and they now run a multimedia group composed of a broadcasting arm (24/7/365 TV channel and TV shows) as well as a publishing arm (publishing several magazines on wide range of topics). Let’s get into their African experience and be inspired...

To discover in this episode:

* What kept Moses going through adversity ?
* How Patricia was able to turn a job loss into an amazing opportunity?
* How the couple is able to stay on top of all activities and initiatives the group is involved in?
* Some of the challenges they had to overcome

Click to Listen:

 Hope you enjoy the show!

* Afroglobal television:
* Excellent Awards:
* Silver star media:
* CNN interview:

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