Chilling With The Diaspora

Chilling With The Diaspora

Our Sisters | 003: Ugandan “UG” Experience

December 28, 2016

...From the USA
“Our sisters” series takes us into the lives of African women in the Diaspora and their experience.
Martha takes us through the Ugandan perspective , from the streets of Kololo, Muyenga of Kampala to Canada now in Texas, US. We'll discover her experiences from growing up in UG to be being a mother, a wife in a “mixed African couple” in the US. Let’s get into to her African experience...
In this UG experience, we'll discover:

* Preservation of our local languages
* Gender equality in Uganda
* Succeeding in a “mixed” African couple in the diaspora
* Educating Africans kids abroad
* How welcoming Ugandans in UG are, and perhaps why
* Much more

Martha’s favs songs:

* Philly Lutaya: "Born in Africa"
* Eddy Kenzo: "Siya loss"
* Magnetic: "Radio and Weasal"

Click to Listen:

 Hope you enjoyed the show!

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Show Notes:

* Idi Amin
* Mount Saint Mary's College Namagunga / Greenhill academy
* Speech card
* Entebbe airport
* Kololo, Muyenga - Kampala

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