Childfree Loudmouths Podcast

Childfree Loudmouths Podcast

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Ep. 6: Ruined Dates
May 23, 2019

Despite unexpected audio problems, Lilith and Balthazar are back for Season 2… if not (yet) with the audio quality to which you’ve grown accustomed! It seems we still have a few kinks to work out of our new and hopefully soon-to-be improved recording m...

Ep. 5: Season 2 Teaser
March 17, 2019

Lilith and Balthazar give a preview of Childfree Loudmouth's Podcast upcoming Season 2!

Ep. 4: Vasectomies and Stuff
November 16, 2018

Childfree Loudmouths’ co-hosts, Lilith & Balthazar, are back! We’re sharing more listener e-mails (moderately edited for clarity and length), one of which includes a listener-submitted parent-couple which was chosen as our Asshole(s) of the Week for th...

Ep. 3: Two Big Reasons (PLUS Extra Stuff)
October 17, 2018

Childfree Loudmouths’ co-hosts, Lilith & Balthazar, share listener submissions from our twitter’s last call to action: “What’s the most metal thing about being childfree?” After a debate as to whether parents put more thought into a vehicle purchase or...

Ep. 2: Privacy and Push Back
September 04, 2018

Join Childfree Loudmouths’ co-hosts, Lilith and Balthazar, as they share some of the stories and responses fellow listeners have shared over the past two weeks! After reviewing some of our other favorite child-free interactions on social media since ou...

Ep. 1: Introductions
August 20, 2018

Meet the Childfree Loudmouths co-hosts, Lilith and Balthazar, in our debut episode as we give a brief recap on when we knew the decision to be child free was right for us. Get an earful of what to ex