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Senior Night
April 25, 2023

Taylor Smith-Bailey and Marland Young impart wisd…

April 25, 2023

Staff member Kimber Morris shares a powerful mess…

Write This Down: A Message of Hope
April 25, 2023

Pastor Jacki Drane shares a message about our fut…

In God We Trust: Financial Habits the Lord Will Bless
April 25, 2023

Pastor Matt Drane teaches biblical financial prin…

Perspective: Prayer
March 21, 2023

Pastor Jacki Drane teaches on prayer from Matthew

Perspective: Revival
March 05, 2023

Pastor Matt shares a challenging message about Go

Perspective: The Influence of Friends
March 02, 2023

Guest Speakers Tim & Renee Brown share about God'

Breaking Free
February 22, 2023

Chi Alpha Staff Natalie Reed shares about Breakin

God's Perspective on What Makes You Unique
February 22, 2023

Pastor Michael Baier of Believing Church shares a

Perspective: Humility
February 14, 2023

Pastor Jacki Drane shares about humility from a b