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Chef Gigi's Food Talk Radio on KSCU 103.3 FM Silicon Valley

The Distinguished Charles Duque- from The French Cheese Board NYC - Season 2, Episode 7

June 08, 2021


Chef chats cheese with Charles Duque, Managing Director of the Americas for the CNIEL The centre national interprofessional de l’économie laitière, also known as The French Dairy Board.

Charles, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of critical experience and the authority on artisan cheese. He also oversees the French Cheese Board, a retail and event space that champions French cheeses in NYC. Charles is eloquent and confident with infinite knowledge and enthusiasm for the specialty food industry.

Chef Gigi will also discuss the the cheese plate — or board as it's sometimes called — is the perfect way to end a wonderful meal for cheese lovers around the globe. Did you know that there are over 1,300 different varieties of cheese – just in France? Entertaining can get overwhelming, and then there's the systematic approach to actually building a cheese board— yes, there really is a method – who knew? Creating a cheese plate that is balanced visually and in terms of flavors and textures is a skill that's easy to learn and always useful. Duque will also offer tips for creating a cheese board with style according to the Master himself, and just in time for the upcoming holiday season! We are so excited to chat with Charles Duque, Director, The French Dairy Board for the Americas, and special thanks to The Laura Baddish Group. New York, NY. For more information on French Cheese and here to find all these types of cheeses.

Chef Gigi finishes the show in the last five minutes and reviews how to build a proper cheese board for this holiday season!

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