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Chef Gigi's Food Talk Radio on KSCU 103.3 FM

LGBTQ Chef Lee Davidson from Made-2-Gather: Season 1, Episode 2

May 14, 2021

Join Chef Gigi as she chats it up with Chef Lee Davidson They/Them, hailing from Israel via South Africa! Chef Lee is the founder of Made-2-Gather in Jingletown Art Community, Oakland, California.

Chef Lee's boutique business is a sustainable farm-to-table food and culture collective, sharing our philosophy of social and environmental responsibility for all. Chef's practice and teachings center on mindfulness, diversity, and inclusion, supporting the LGBQ community, and utilizes educational methods to teach others about the LGBTQ #Queer community.

Lee is constantly pushing boundaries in and out of the kitchen, creating experiences challenging all five senses, thus creating a whole experience. Lee is a fixture at Oakland-based farmer markets and famous for constructing beautiful food art Madella's. Chef Lee arrives early with the farmers and gathers donations for the completed piece, supporting food-insecure families in the local area.

Tonight Chef Lee will also share their experience as a runner-up on The Food Network's show: Chopped and what it's like to have Oaklands Mayor Libby Shaft as a client.

Note: Technical difficulties in-studio audio equipment at the beginning of the show—Chef Lee's Microphone out until the 5-minute mark, where audio returns to average volumes.