Check, Please! Bay Area Podcast

Check, Please! Bay Area Podcast

Check, Please! You Gotta Try This reviews: Beef Hot Dog, “The Best Indian Pizza” & Fried Pork Chop Bento

September 23, 2021

Check, Please! You Gotta Try This!, season 1, episode 3, airs Thursday, September 23, at 7:30 pm, on KQED 9. See other television airtimes, and never miss an episode by subscribing to the video podcast.

In the scenic town of Occidental, the Altamont General Store rolls out its Beef Hot Dog, with Hawaiian flair, topped with grilled pineapple relish, pickled mustard seeds, spicy ketchup, yuzu aioli and crispy shallots on a brioche bun. Then, Zante Pizza and Indian Cuisine in Bernal Heights blends Indian and Italian cuisine to create a mouthwatering fusion of spinach, eggplant, cauliflower and more, aptly called  “The Best Indian Pizza - Vegetarian.” Finally, Oakland’s Taiwan Bento cooks up the ultimate Taiwanese comfort food with its Fried Pork Chop Bento, a nostalgic dish with  crispy marinated pork, tea egg, and pickled veggies.

Host Leslie Sbrocco joins guests Gaia Wu Magidi, Elizabeth and Ian Bass-Galespie, and Jewel Syquia Olson from Mersea Restaurant on Treasure Island.

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* Altamont General Store | Occidental
* Zante Pizza and Indian Cuisine | Bernal Heights
* Taiwan Bento | Oakland