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Check, Please! Bay Area Podcast

Check, Please! You Gotta Try This reviews: Chicken Milanese, Omu Curry and Chocolate & Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

September 09, 2021

Check, Please! You Gotta Try This!, season 1, episode 1, airs Thursday, September 9, at 7:30 pm, on KQED 9. See other television airtimes, and never miss an episode by subscribing to the video podcast.

We're celebrating Oakland's vibrant, diverse community with three longtime Oakland residents - and the Bay Area dishes you have to try! First, singer-songwriter Fantastic Negrito finds inspiration at Oakland's own Dela Curo, where Chef Chikara Ono delights with his Omu Curry, a dreamy, savory jet-black curry served atop omurice. Next, award-winning director and Blindspotting actor Margo Hall samples the iconic Chicken Milanese at Presidio mainstay Garibaldis Restaurant in San Francisco. Finally, Oakland Roots soccer player Max Ornstil satisfies our sweet tooth with the indulgent, creamy Chocolate & Vanilla Frozen Yogurt at Yogurt Park, which has charmed Berkeley students and families for nearly 50 years.

Host Leslie Sbrocco joins guests Margo Hall, Fantastic Negrito and Max Ornstil from Mersea Restaurant on Treasure Island.

Get Restaurant Information:

* Garibaldis Restaurant | San Francisco
* Dela Curo | Oakland
* Yogurt Park | Berkeley