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EP 33: Culture Curator Josh Kun, Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA
September 05, 2017

USC professor Josh Kun creates some of the most impactful cultural presentations in Los Angeles. We discuss his upcoming music events, as part of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA - a 5 month series of exhibitions and events that explores Latin American...

EP 32: The Cosmic Philosophy of Jazz Artist Cameron Graves
June 23, 2017

Cameron Graves is an LA jazz artist and member of the impeccable West Coast Get Down collective (Kamasi Washington, Miles Mosley and more.) He breaks down the connection with jazz and the universe, ancient Egypt, and his biggest inspiration "The...

EP 31: E-40 vs. Busta Rhymes, Snapchat ruined Venice, race tension on TV.
June 06, 2017

Podcast hosts Anthony, Novena, and producer Eddie go in on some crazy topics. We discuss the future of radio, tech flops, Snapchat vs. Adidas in Venice Beach, impersonations of rappers E-40 and Busta Rhymes, learning HTML on Myspace Top 8, race...

EP 30: Catching Up With The Residents #2
May 10, 2017

It's been a few months since our last podcast, and we wanted to fill our listeners in with what we've been up to. Find out how our podcast almost went "Hollywood!" We discuss all things music and culture in LA!

EP 29: House Shoes
February 15, 2017

DJ and producer House Shoes takes us down memory lane with stories from his hometown Detroit and what motivated his move to Los Angeles. Now with his own record label, Street Corner Music, he's battling the digital era of music and cutting through the...

EP 28: Greg White (The Pink Marine)
November 19, 2016

Greg White is the author behind The Pink Marine, a book about his life in the Marines as a gay 18 year old man. This was before the "Dont Ask Dont Tell" policy that provided some protection to gays in the military. Greg shares one-of-a-kind stories...

EP 11: Joe Wallach
March 18, 2016

Joe Wallach is a television industry pioneer. He …

EP 10: Dam-Funk
March 02, 2016

Stones Throw artist Dam-Funk reflects on the succ…

EP 09: Sophia Chang & Nai Vasha
February 17, 2016

Sophia Chang & Nai Vasha are the creators behind …

EP 08: Mike & Moni Vargas
February 03, 2016

Mike and Moni Vargas are the husband and wife pro…