Your Trail Guide to Billings

February 23, 2022

How do we get people visiting our community to try out local businesses? Our guest this week is Luke Ashmore, the Program Manager for VisitBillings, is trying to solve that problem with Billings Trail Guides.


Billings Trail Guides

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Marya and Jack's answers to this week's Rorschach questions:

1. What are your favorite activities in the area you would recommend to someone visiting from out of town?

Marya: Walking at Norm Schoenthal Island, checking out the art galleries and restaurants downtown, going up on the Rims.

Jack: I would definitely recommend one of my favorite restaurants, Zimmerman Park, and the Brew Trail.

2. What is your go to, hands down, number one favorite spot to grab a bite to eat here in Billings? 

Marya: I really love the Vig – they have great cheese curds! 

Jack: Lucky's Ramen Noodles at Shiloh Commons. It's one of those places with a really small menu, but everything on it is phenomenal.

3. Are you an indoors winter person or outdoors winter person, and what are the top things you choose to do?

Marya: I love watching great films and building legos indoors, but I also love snowshoeing and snowboarding outdoors.

Jack: I don't mind the cold at all, but I don't ski or snowboard, so that pretty much makes me an indoor winter person.