All Things Agriculture

October 20, 2021

Agriculture is Montana's—and Yellowstone County's—number one industry! With the NILE fully underway this week, we felt that now is the perfect time to give you some basics of the agriculture industry. We sat down with Callie Coolie with MSU Extension and Bonnie Deverniero with the NILE to talk all things ag.

MSU Extension

Northern International Livestock Exposition

Billings Chamber Ag Committee

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Marya and Jack's answers to this week's questions.

1. What is your earliest ag memory?

Marya: My earliest at memory is when I was able to bottle feed a new lamb.

Jack: I have been helping out on my family ranch since before I can remember. I have a lot of fuzzy childhood memories of sorting cattle on foot.

2. How do you like your steak cooked? 

Marya: I prefer my steak medium rare.

Jack: It should be noted that it depends on the cut, but I also like my steak medium. I prefer the texture of a medium steak to a medium-rare.

3. What is the best Halloween costume you have ever come up with?

Marya: My best Halloween costume was when I dressed up as Cruella Deville.

Jack: I also had a horseback Halloween costume. I was the headless horseman.

4. Do you like candy corn?   

Marya: I do not like candy corn.

Jack: I wouldn't eat it all year, but the Halloween season isn't complete unless you eat at least one of those pumpkins.