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Retro Game Fix Video Game Podcasts

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Your OLED isn't HDR or Dolby Vision - Cereal at Night E.63
October 18, 2021

Let's talk real TV capabilities.

Mike Untitled E.04 – Exclusives! Exclusives?
January 20, 2020

This week I discuss my impressions of the PS4 Back Button Controller Attachment, Sony games heading to PC, quantity of consoles sold being an outdated metric, and Microsoft's backward and forward compatibility stance.

Mike Untitled E.03 – Console Wars are Insane, Everybody is Wrong
January 11, 2020

This episode I discuss how absolutely ridiculous the "console wars" really are. From click bait headlines, to arguing over logos, to not understanding the "specs", to not researching what hardware is actually in the plastic box you are buying. ...

Mike Untitled E.02 - Nintendo Switch Pro, Realistic Conversation
January 04, 2020

This week an analyst got people hopes up for a 4k Switch Pro. Lets talk realistically about what would be needed to make that happen.

Mike Untitled - E.01 - Game Reviews are Broken, Here’s Why
December 30, 2019

On today’s episode I am going to explore reviewing games as a Fan vs. Critic, why I think game reviews are broken, and I provide some examples by converting Metacritic score to Rotten tomato’s. 

What's in a name, Xbox Series X - Cereal at Night E.62
December 14, 2019

Talking the Xbox Series X announcement and gamer's ridiculous reactions to everything. sdfsdf

Streaming for your pleasure - Cereal at Night E.61
December 08, 2019

Start - My computer woes - 2080 TI RMA 06:30 - Luigi's Mansion 3 09:00 - Star Wars Fallen Order and gamer hypocrisy 13:30 - Microsoft Game Pass 22:00 - Google Stadia 37:40 - Game Awards a Disservice to Gamers

Average Gamer Kickoff Episode 01
October 23, 2019

Stadia is insane, how haven't they solved the internet infrastructure problems in the world. I'm bringing back reviews and have already written most of my Luigi's Mansion 3 review. Bethesda is taking advantage of me with a Fallout 76 subscription...

Review Score Wars - Cereal at Night E.60
September 04, 2019

Microsoft, Gears 5, gamer's arguing about Gears 5 review scores, Astral Chain, Control, Ray Tracing

It's a Daily Celebration – Cereal at Night E.59
September 04, 2019

Level setting on the podcast, what I discuss, where I discuss it, and why I discuss "it."