Century Lives Podcast

Century Lives Podcast

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February 25, 2019

Throughout most of our existence, humans have rarely lived past the age of 35. But over the past century, average life expectancy around the world has more than doubled. Half of all babies born in the US today will live to see their 100th birthdays.

This nearly 70 year increase in life expectancy has paved the way for unprecedented opportunities, and the challenges that come with them. Much of our society, culture, and infrastructure was not designed with this increase in mind. So, we ask, what does this mean for individuals, communities, and entire cultures? How does this affect the traditional models of education, work and retirement still in use today? And how can we prepare ourselves and subsequent generations for the challenges and benefits that longer lives bring?

Welcome to the Stanford Century on Longevity podcast, Century Lives. Join our host, Marie Conley Smith, in conversations with leading experts in academia, business, and public policy to discuss this new, longer lifespan, and how we can stay mentally sharp, physically fit, and financially secure in these new Century Lives.