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The Community's Conversation

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Is Snob Zoning America's New Redlining?
October 30, 2023

Author Richard Kahlenberg’s new book offers an indictment of America’s housing policy by revealing the social engineering underlying our segregation by economic class, the social and political fallout

Conquering Lung Cancer
October 30, 2023

An Optimal Health Series Forum Its the leading cause of cancer death in the United States and its treatable: lung cancer kills some 127,000 people annually in the U.S., but its not a hopeless dis

Unpacking the 2023 Election
October 30, 2023

Every U.S. election now feels like a litmus test for the health and future of American democracy, and this year is no exception. On November 7, Ohioans took to the polls by the millions to decide key

Millennial Voices in Ohio Politics
October 30, 2023

If it looks like Millennials are everywhere, they are. In fact, Millennials are now Americas largest generation, surpassing the vaunted Baby Boomer generation as far back as 2019 in terms of sheer si

Whose Rights Win? Gun Violence, Preemption, and Home Rule in Ohio
October 25, 2023

In Ohio, cities that have attempted to enact their own gun control regulations have run up against a brick wall where municipal home rule and their governing authority ends abruptly. Ohios legi

Facing Hate, Finding Hope: America's LGBTQ+ Community Under Attack
October 18, 2023

The lives of LGBTQ+ Americans are under greater threat in 2023 than at any point in the countrys recent past. This summer, the Human Rights Campaign declared a state of emergency for LGBTQ+ people

Gen Z Girls Lead the Way
October 11, 2023

Whats on the minds of Central Ohios Gen Z girls, and where will they take America? Generation Z the Zoomers were born after 1996. The oldest of this rising generation has just graduated from col

A New Era for Columbus Art Museums
October 04, 2023

The Columbus Museum of Art and The Wexner Center for The Arts are two giants on the Columbus arts scene, and both have new leaders at their helms. Gatane Verna is the Wexner Center's new execut

State of the Workforce: Uncovering Ohio's "Hidden" Workforce
September 27, 2023

Can hidden workers help alleviate Ohios current workforce woes? Ohios rock-bottom unemployment rate of 3.3% lower even than the national average of 3.5% is forcing employers to get creative in

Style Capital: The Global Influence of Columbus Fashion
September 20, 2023

Did you know Columbus has the third largest concentration of fashion designers in the country? Earlier this year, the website called Columbus a surprising hub of the fashion industry.