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Transmissions From Idaho 7
August 06, 2020

Holly Snikes we watch way too much TV. Tonight it was two beers and a lot of TV talk. We talked Ren & Stimpy, New Girl, American Horror Story, and even a Who's The Boss reboot. Yeah that's a thing. We also dove in on the new Galaxy Products and so much m.

Blood and Honey Blonde
July 30, 2020

Well Revolver Brewing has moved on from their head brewer and creator Grant Wood. This effected us in no way what so ever. We went back to Division and Rohde brought us even more deliciousness. We spoke of Tupps Brewing and their big news. we also got in.

San Diego Comic Con Funko Pop
July 23, 2020

Ever try buying limited edition POP Vinyl Figures while podacsting? Well we did and we did not do it well. We talked SDCC pops, new breweries, the end of movies, and so much more. 

No Where To Go But Home
July 16, 2020

Thanks to Rohde we are able to compare a two year old beer to a new one. That beer is Rosalee from Division Brewing in Arlington. Fantastic. Jason beat Day's Gone. Caitlin loves DES MONIES. We gave a quick review of Palm Springs and much much more.

4 Seasons
July 09, 2020

This week on Casually Lit we learn about Division Brewing, Hamilton. PS5, Days Gone, a New Version of the Wonder Years and so much more. 

Rohde and Pecan Street Brewing
July 02, 2020

We are back. Rohde visits Pecan Street Brewing and brings us 2 very nice beers. We talk Jason's Birthday, Peticolas Brewing, Martin House, PS4, and of course movies.

Who needs Corona when You Have Craft
June 18, 2020

Well well well another hour long ramble from Casually Lit. Jason talks PS5 and Division Brewing. Caitlin tells us about the PARTY weekend and we have a blast. 

The One About The Regular Show
June 11, 2020

This one was interesting. We had two good ole Martin House beers to drink and they were alright. Jason discusses his love for The Regular Show, Caitlin goes beer shopping, we have decided there are no movies to look forward to and the windows are install.

Will Movies Ever Be The Same?
June 04, 2020

Beer is good beer is good and stuff. We have new beers new topics and a fun show this week. She still hates IPAs and Jason is after that PS5. Rohde is ready for new windows and we all wonder what the future is in the theaters.

Road Trip Snacks
May 28, 2020

Well Panther Island we love yo beer! We had a great show where Jason talked and everyone listened. HBO Max is out and we tried 4 new beers. One of them was a smashing hit even though Jason doesn't like brown ales. Space Force is coming and POD isnt so gr.