Case Closed Podcast

Case Closed Podcast

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003 - Using ManyWho to Automate Contact Center Processes
January 30, 2016

Go way beyond standard workflow to true business process management on Salesforce with ManyWho

002 - History of the Service Cloud, Features, and Use Cases
December 30, 2015

Episode 002 gets at the history of the Service Cloud. It’s not been around as long as Salesforce has as a company, but it’s not that much younger than the Sales Cloud. It’s seen many evolutions over time though; in name, features, and possibilities.

001 - Introducing Jeff, Cheryl, and the Podcast dedicated to Salesforce Service Cloud
October 13, 2015

Meet Jeff Grosse and Cheryl Feldman, your hosts for the first podcast dedicated completely to the Salesforce Service Cloud and taking service and support experiences to the next level.