Can You Hold My Attention? The Derek Bruton Podcast

Can You Hold My Attention?  The Derek Bruton Podcast

Episode #23 - John Hyland and Frank Smith, Private Advisor Group

November 02, 2022

Not many registered investment advisory firms in the U.S. can boast of these stats —755 advisors and $30 billion in assets under management — and have a big plaque on their Wall of Fame that bears the recognition of being one of Barron’s top RIAs in the country.  I’m, of course, speaking about Private Advisor Group and my two guests today, John Hyland, Managing Director and co-founder of the Morristown, NJ-based firm, and Frank Smith, the newly appointed President of Private Advisor Group.


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these two gentleman a long time, and have had a front row seat in witnessing the meteoric growth of the firm over the last few decades.


I often describe Private Advisor Group as the LPL Super OSJ that took a hard right turn somewhere along the way and became a full service, full-fledged RIA. However, Private Advisor Group has become an extremely successful business by many measures.  Founded by John and his partner, Pat Sullivan — both successful advisors in their own rights — who over the years not only recognized the potential to serve other advisors and their clients using everything they’ve learned, but also recognized the benefits of adding significant leadership and staffing talent to help them become a winning and highly-valued business.

Listen to this 23rd episode of Can You Hold My Attention? to hear John and Frank's views on the right formula for organic growth, how personal and professional resiliency defines this firm, and the lessons they've learned by surrounding themselves with the right partners.