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Cannabis Tech Talks

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Episode 92: Driving Retail Sales With Digital Signage
June 16, 2022

Digital menu boards seem to be a standard in cannabis dispensaries. Customers can identify what they want, what’s available, pricing, potency, and maybe even some educational tidbits as well — all whi

Episode 91: Building Customer Trust With Blockchain Tracking
June 09, 2022

Building trust around cannabis has been a slow process. The U.S. Government spent billions of dollars over several decades smearing the plant and degrading users. Now it’s up to cannabis retailers and

Episode 90: Cybersecurity Solutions for Cannabis Companies
June 02, 2022

Cyber criminals can attack in unexpected ways. That USB charger in your hotel room could be a covert snake into your modem. A mysterious USB drive in the parking lot is more likely to be a hacker's ke

Episode 89: Rolling RAW With Josh Kesselman
May 26, 2022

In this special episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, RAW Rolling Papers Founder Josh Kesselman sits down with Cannabis & Tech Today Editor in Chief Charles Warner. Kesselman shares why he’s so passionate a

Episode 88: Everything is an Edible with Ripple
May 17, 2022

Fast-acting, consistent, flavorless edible technology exists. The best part? It’s backed by science! Join Cannabis & Tech Today Managing Editor Patricia Miller as she sits down with Ripple Co-Founder

Episode 87: Data-Driven Retail Insights From Hoodie
May 03, 2022

If used correctly, data analysis is a powerful tool in the retailer's arsenal. But gathering market insights in the cannabis space has historically been a fragmented, slow-moving process. That’s chang

Episode 86: Learn How to Open a Dispensary From Cova Software’s CEO
April 27, 2022

If you were launching a dispensary, what would be your primary concern? According to Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova Software, the majority of entrepreneurs are most concerned with compliance. He created Cova

Episode 85: Chatting with the Champ
April 20, 2022

Iconic boxer, entrepreneur, and cannabis advocate Mike Tyson has conquered the world of boxing, featured in several shows and movies, and launched a successful podcast, among other endeavors. In 2019,

Episode 84: Influencer Insights With Brooke Burgstahler
April 14, 2022

In today’s episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, content creator, actor, and comedian Brooke Burgstahler speaks with Cannabis & Tech Today Managing Editor Patricia Miller for the cover feature of the winter

Episode 83: A QVC for THC? Josh Koppel Talks Cannabis, Content, and Technology
April 05, 2022

Josh Koppel is an entrepreneur at the intersection of content and technology. In this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Cannabis & Tech Today Managing Editor Patricia Miller sits down with Koppel to dis