Cannabis Tech Talks

Cannabis Tech Talks

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Episode 61: Montel Williams
August 20, 2021

There are few people in the cannabis industry who are as knowledgeable and outspoken about cannabis as Montel Williams. The veteran, TV host, and cannabis advocate shares his thoughts on the state of

Episode 60: Drinking Your High with CEO of Lively Spirits Matt Cohen
August 13, 2021

When will we see the beer of the cannabis world? There are so many companies doing innovative work, surely one of them can come up with a product that sets in quickly, wears off predictably, and provi

Episode 59: Using Tech to Fight Pests and Mildew with Terra Vera CEO Carlos Perea
July 30, 2021

Fighting pests, mold, and mildew is a pervasive problem in big agriculture. Cannabis cultivation, however, is unique. The pesticides used on edible products aren’t safe to combust or inhale, so what’s

Episode 58: Salvador Santana
July 16, 2021

Salvador Santana believes in the power of the cannabis plant. His grandmother created tinctures from the medicinal herb. His father Carlos often used it for inspiration when creating his award-winning

Episode 57: Codie Sanchez of Entourage Effect Capital (EEC)
July 07, 2021

Join Cannabis & Tech Today Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner as he chops it up with special guest Codie Sanchez, managing director and partner at Entourage Effect Capital (EEC). Since 2014, EEC has poure

Episode 56: Advocacy and Artistry with Laganja Estranja
June 02, 2021

How much do you know about the “Qween of Green,” Miss Laganja Estranja? Also known as Jay Jackson, this powerhouse artist, drag queen, and cannabis advocate is bringing marijuana to the mainstream. She starred as a guest judge on Chopped 420,

Episode 55: Dr. Chanda Macias
May 12, 2021

Dr. Chanda Macias, PhD has spent years fighting to educate and provide medical marijuana access. Dr. Macias joins Patricia Miller to discuss her current role as the CEO of Ilera Holistic Healthcare, the developing cannabis marketplace in Louisiana,

Episode 54: NBA Legend Isiah Thomas
April 29, 2021

It takes an elite attitude to become one of the top 50 players in NBA history. Isiah Thomas, iconic Detroit Pistons all-star, analyst, and entrepreneur, is bringing his winning mindset to cannabis. He recently announced a $3 million investment into One...

Episode 53: Is 2021 the Year of Cannabis in Sports?
April 15, 2021

Should athletes be allowed to use cannabis? Is it performance enhancing? Could it replace opioids as the preferred medicine for post-game recovery? Former Super Bowl champion and host of Doobin’ with Rueben,

Episode 52: The Healing of the Nation with Julian Marley
March 04, 2021

The herb is one of the most pure medicines out there,” says Grammy-nominated musician and founder of JuJu Royal Julian Marley. In this exclusive interview, Managing Editor Patricia Miller speaks with Marley to understand why he entered the CBD space,