Cannabis Karaoke Podcast

Cannabis Karaoke Podcast

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Paula Walter Kind Creations, Santa Cruz, Whole Plant Cannabis,1st Vodcast, Covid-19 Episode 38
May 16, 2020

Paula Walter wanted to help people, prop 215 was allowing her to give medicine directly to patients. Her background comes from her parents watching people dying from AIDS and distributing cannabis in the underground market.

Matthew Wagner Cannabis Industry Insider, Wanderlust, NORML, Crypto, Covid-19, Episode 37
April 30, 2020

It all started out with a LinkedIn search "Cannabis Industry Insider" and boom there he was Matthew Wagner. I read into his bio a bit and talk about someone with a story. "I have applied at 200+ cannabis jobs on LinkedIn,

Barbie Sommars Faerie Jane, High Dining, Mary Jane University, Patient, Covid-19 Episode 36
April 25, 2020

I really loved this interview with Barbie Sommars, her passion and concern comes through. Starting as a patient and an activist she naturally moved to becoming an educator. She has dealt with health issues that have fueled her desire to utilize cannabi...

Bethany Moore Activist, Poet, Podcaster, NCIA, Howl at the Moon, Covid-19, Episode 35
April 16, 2020

As Communications Manager for NCIA, Bethany Moore leads us down the path of events (on it's 10th year of existence), Covid-19 and how the industry is pivoting. We start off talking about how the space is evolving around content creation,

Champelli The Bay Area, Prison, Artist, 20 SEEDS, Gentlemens Game, Mac Dre, Covid-19 Episode 34
April 10, 2020 Before there was Cookies, Dr. Greenthumb or any other weed mogul there was Joseph Rutherford aka Champelli. In the early 90's, it was the real first strain to blow up the bay area, hip hop artists Snoop Dogg,

Cannabis Power Hour with Ophelia Chong and Carl Saling, Covid-19 Episode 32
April 04, 2020

When you get three people who know almost everyone in the industry to jump on a podcast this is what happens. The Cannabis Power Hour will be a weekly event with the ever present Ophelia Chong, the master of Hash Bones Carl Saling III and your host the...

Scott Goldie Goldenseed, Regulation A, Green Day, Santa Cruz, Covid-19 Episode 31
April 01, 2020

Living in Santa Cruz California it is always nice to see a local company doing big things. In this interview with Co-Founder and CEO of Goldenseed Scott Goldie and their securities lawyer Kendall Almerico we discuss the first of it's kind in cannabis u...

Abdullah Saeed TV Producer, Comedian, Great Moments in Weed History, Juggalos, Covid-19 Episode 30
March 29, 2020

Abdullah Saeed has a presence, immediately his voice and quick wit makes you laugh. I got to link up with him at The Emerald Cup where we were both working the event (watch the interview with Tommy Chong) and smoked a J together....

Eric Rosen Dark Heart Nursery, Clones, Pheno Types, Strainiology, Covid-19 Episode 29
March 27, 2020

Mark and I interview Eric Rosen who works at Dark Heart Nursery and is a dedicated plant geek or strainiologist. He came from the tech world but always had an eye on the cannabis space desiring to be where his passion was.

Sproutways Genetic Seed Marketplace, Education, Landrace Strains, Covid-19 Episode 28
March 25, 2020

This episode, I get to speak with Joseph Sulistyo the CEO and Jake Tital, Co-Founder/Head of Business Development for Sproutways. We discuss the value of landrace, heirloom and hybrid genetics from well respected and top level breeders Bodhi of Bodhi S...