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Cleveland Clinic Cancer Advances

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Emerging Molecular Biomarkers for GU Cancer
September 28, 2023

Omar Mian, MD, PhD, radiation oncologist, and physician scientist, joins the Cancer Advances Podcast to talk about emerging molecular biomarkers for genitourinary cancers. During the episode, Dr. Mian explains the multidisciplinary approach required for e

Exploring Focal Therapies for Prostate Cancer
September 21, 2023

Urologic Oncologist, Zeyad Schwen, MD, joins the Cancer Advances podcast to discuss focal therapies for prostate cancer. Dr. Schwen provides insights into the selection process for candidates and explores various focal therapy methods like NanoKnife and H

Advancing Cancer Care: The Novel Cancer Therapeutics Center
September 14, 2023

Director of the Novel Cancer Therapeutics Center, Wen Wee Ma, MBBS, joins the Cancer Advances podcast to talk about the Novel Cancer Therapeutics Center. Listen as Dr. Ma delves into the center's mission and role to help bring the latest innovative t

The Art of Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer
September 07, 2023

The Cancer Advances podcast kicks off Prostate Cancer Awareness Month with urologic oncologist Zeyad Schwen, MD, to talk about active surveillance. Listen as Dr. Schwen explains the history of prostate cancer diagnosis, the importance of accurate risk ass

Investigating Mitochondria Transfer for Glioblastoma
August 31, 2023

The Cancer Advances podcast is joined by Justin Lathia, PhD, Melvin H. Burkhardt Endowed Chair for Neuro-Oncology Research, Scientific Director of the Rose Ella Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center, and the Vice Chair of the Department of Cardi

A Decade of VeloSano
August 17, 2023

Mr. Stewart Kohl, co-CEO of the Riverside Company, a member of the board of directors at Cleveland Clinic, and founder of VeloSano joins the Cancer Advances podcast to celebrate 10 years of Cleveland Clinic's cancer research fundraising initiative, V

Innovations Ahead: Decreasing Thrombosis in Patients with Cancer
July 27, 2023

In this episode of Cancer Advances, host Dale Shepard, MD, PhD, talks with Tatiana Byzova, PhD, a staff member in the neurosciences program, about the significance of thrombosis in cancer patients along with current therapy options. Listen as they discuss

Uniting Science and Medicine: A Vision for the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center
July 20, 2023

Gary Schwartz, MD, Director of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, and a medical oncologist who specializes in sarcoma joins the Cancer Advances podcast to discuss his goal of improving cancer care not just in Cleveland, but beyond. Listen as he talks a

Advancements in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer
July 13, 2023

In this episode of the Cancer Advances podcast, Dale Shepard, MD, PhD is joined by Shlomo Koyfman, MD, Director of Head and Neck and Skin Radiation at Cleveland Clinic to discuss the use of stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for head and neck canc

Surgical Insight: Limb Sparing Techniques for Pediatric Sarcoma Patients
July 06, 2023

Zachary D. Burke, MD, an orthopedic oncologist specializing in pediatric sarcomas, joins the Cancer Advances Podcast to talk about limb sparing surgical techniques for pediatric sarcoma. Listen as Dr. Burke explains the unique challenges posed by pediatri