Campfire Conversations by 1Campfire

Campfire Conversations by 1Campfire

Episode 19 Being Survivorman with Les Stroud

November 09, 2022

Les Stroud is someone that needs no introduction. Steve gets to sit down for an hour with the one and only Survivorman.  

A survival expert, filmmaker and musician, Les spent a year in the Canadian wilderness in 1994. where he and his wife built and equipped a winter cabin using an axe, a modern bow, and a trapper's tin wood stove. They hunted and foraged off the landscape, and relied on moose and beaver meat as well as other wild edibles.

The conversation goes from Les' experience as a hunting guide, to his time before Survivorman, to how important it is to be mentally strong in the bush- this is a fun conversation behind the scenes.

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