Campfire Conversations by 1Campfire

Campfire Conversations by 1Campfire

A Family Affair with Joe and Kristen Eppele

June 09, 2022

Steve and JP welcome Joe and Kristen Eppele to this episode.

Joe and Kristen have been supporters of 1Campfire since day 1, and we finally got a chance to sit down with them to talk about why.

The conversation goes from both of their beginnings and how they got into hunting to the inevitable questions of why they hunt and why they don’t shy away from the controversy that comes along with it.

We chat about their new ‘hunting partner’ with their 6 month old son and why they feel it’s important to bring him up in the outdoors and around hunting, what it’s like to have a 6’8 300 pound pack mule, to Joes dress and shoe size.  

This is a fun episode we are sure you will love.

Check out Joe on his show The Edge, and find Kristen on Instagram at Hunting Holistic Co.