Campfire Conversations by 1Campfire

Campfire Conversations by 1Campfire

Vegan Activist to Hunter We Are Not So Different

March 30, 2022

When we say ‘Vegan Eggs’, is there such a thing ?

Carla Brauer is not just a former vegan, but a former vegan activist.

Steve and JP sit down with her to hear the fascinating story of her journey and how ‘vegan eggs’ changed her outlook on hunting.

Carla calls Oregon home, and has done a 180 degree turn from her previous way of life, and is now not only a hunter- but also a taxidermist who feels closer than ever to wildlife and the outdoors.

This is an incredible listen that will open your eyes to how similar hunters, and non-hunters truly are.

Check out her taxidermy work here.

And her TED talk here