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Genesis 50 | God Meant it For Good
August 14, 2023

Joseph makes a request from Pharaoh to bury his father Israel in Canaan, and is accompanied by a great host of Egyptians. After their father's death, Joseph's brothers fear he will seek retribution against them, but he assures them of God's so

Genesis 49 | I Wait For Your Salvation
August 06, 2023

God in his love for his people gives Jacob the opportunity to tell his sons what will happen to their families. Pastor Micah preaches Genesis 49 at King's Cross Church.--- Support this podcast:

Genesis 48 | Our Faithful Shepherd
August 03, 2023

Joseph brings his sons to Jacob and Jacob blesses them. Jacob assures Joseph that God will be with him just as God was with Jacob. God chooses the younger of the sons for the greater blessing. Pastor Micah preaches Genesis 48 at King's Cross Church.

Genesis 47 | Abundance in the Famine
July 24, 2023

Joseph presents his family to Pharaoh, and Jacob blesses Pharaoh. Joseph provides for all of Egypt, exchanging food for assets, then for servitude/portion of the future harvest. In contrast, Israel's family settles in Goshen and increases greatly. In

God With Us | Genesis 46
July 17, 2023

Israel prepares to leave for Egypt, and God reveals himself again to him. The text lists all of his descendants, and he reunites with his lost son, Joseph. God is faithful to keep his promises, to the very end. Pastor Pilgrim preaches Genesis 46 at King&#

The Provision of Sovereign Grace | Genesis 45
July 10, 2023

Joseph is reunited with his brothers, and expresses Gods sovereign plan over all the suffering he had endured. Sending for Israel, Joseph provides for his family and invites them back to Goshen. Israels spirit is revived when he learns that Joseph is st

Vicarious Atonement | Genesis 44
July 03, 2023

Joseph plants his silver cup in Benjamin's sack to replay the events of Dothan. Judah steps up, asking to be a substitute for Benjamin. Judahs redemption and sacrifice showcases the substitutionary atonement of Christ. Pastor Pilgrim preaches Genesis

The Favor of the Exalted Servant | Genesis 43
June 25, 2023

Josephs brothers return to Egypt with Benjamin, money, and gifts, only to find an unexpected feast awaiting them. The favor of the true and greater Joseph is incomparable! Pastor Pilgrim preaches Genesis 43 at King's Cross Church.--- Support this

A Reckoning | Genesis 42
June 22, 2023

During the famine, Jacob sends his sons to Egypt to buy grain, and they interact with Joseph without recognizing him. Their responses showcase the guilt they still carry from sinning against their brother. When guilt is not rightly dealt with, it will cau

From the Pit to the Palace | Genesis 41
June 12, 2023

Pharaoh has troubling dreams, and Joseph is brought out of prison to interpret them. Joseph not only interprets the dreams but also gives Pharaoh a four-step plan to deal with the upcoming famine, leading to him being appointed to oversee all of Egypt. Pa