Call Her Daddy

Call Her Daddy

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89- "I F**ked the Mascot" (ft. Hannah Berner)
July 22, 2020

Father Cooper is joined by a guest who is bringing the energy and a shit-ton of wild stories this week. Daddy Gang, give a warm welcome to Hannah Berner. In this week's episode, Hannah fucks a mascot, Alex lies about Chlamydia, and a man does coke off Han

88- The L Word.
July 15, 2020

Alex is coming clean about the man that has been in her life behind the scenes for 5 years... and the L word is used. Also, A DADDY GANG MEMBER IS FEATURED ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK!!!!! Our guest is bringing you a very relatable situation- the 'in between' s

87- PSA: He Doesn’t Like You
July 01, 2020

Your Father, Alexandra, gets deep this week and walks women through the wake-up call they all need. Stop clinging on to every little thing a men says to you and LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE FACTS. If you viewed your dating life from a third party view.. what w

86- Fuckboy Love & Fingering for Dummies (ft. Savannah Montano)
June 24, 2020

HERE WE GO!!! THE RUNDOWN FOR THIS WEEK'S SHOW: We are instructing men on exactly how to finger a girl's butt during doggy, which finger to use and the speed at which it should be happening; normalizing butt plugs and how it makes a women's orgasm SO much

85- Let's Have Sex Again...(ft. Savannah Montano)
June 17, 2020

2 PART SERIES. Alex is joined by guest Savannah Montano, a girl she idolized at a young age because of the promiscuous lifestyle Sav promoted as a teen on the internet. The two girls, now in their 20s, have become friends through Instagram and are talking

84- The 3rd Roommate Speaks...
June 10, 2020

This week's guest is the infamous third roommate who lived with Alex and Sophia. The episode officially closes the chapter surrounding ALL the drama. ONWARD!!!

83- Dave Portnoy- America's #1 Porn Star?
June 03, 2020

82- The Funeral
May 27, 2020

A new era begins. A single father, a divorced father, moves forward with the show. But first - we must attend this funeral and mourn the loss. Then... WE PARTY! (Daddy Gang drinking game- drink every time Alex says the word f*ck… you’ll all be hammered).

81- Daddy Speaks
May 18, 2020

El Pres Explains the Call Her Daddy Fiasco From the Barstool Perspective

80- How To Keep Them Interested During Quarantine
April 08, 2020

Kesha...The End .