California SLAPP Law

California SLAPP Law

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SLAPP027 – When a Motion to Dismiss is a Better Strategy than an Anti-SLAPP Motion
November 11, 2018

President Trump is never short on controversy, and said controversy leads to some interesting cases. In Episode 27 of the California SLAPP Law Podcast, we will discuss two Trump cases — one First Amendment and one anti-SLAPP — arising from the words an...

SLAPP026 – Don’t Sue for Defamation Unless the Statements Really are False
September 16, 2018

Canada, eh? Those hosers in Ontario didn’t get around to passing an anti-SLAPP statute until 2015, and they’re still trying to figure it out. In this episode of the California SLAPP Law Podcast, we travel to the great white north to examine an anti-SLA...

SLAPP025 – Anti-SLAPP Motion Defeats Gone With the Wind Actress
August 26, 2018

de Havilland v. FX Networks, LLC If you sell t-shirts bearing the images of the Three Stooges, can you be sued for violating their right of publicity? And if you create and broadcast an 8-part docudrama centering on Bette Davis and Joan Crawford,

SLAPP024 – Supreme Court Clarifies Whether Amended Complaint Resets 60-Day Clock for Anti-SLAPP Motion
March 26, 2018

In Episode 24 of the California SLAPP Law Podcast, we tackle two important anti-SLAPP issues. Newport Harbor Ventures, LLC v. Morris Cerullo World Evangelism The conventional wisdom until now, as expressed in cases such as Yu v. Signet Bank/Virginia,

SLAPP023 – Privileged Speech Can Survive Anti-SLAPP Motions
December 18, 2016

In Episode 23 of the California SLAPP Law Podcast, we examine two cases that consider how privileged speech should be viewed during the two-prong anti-SLAPP analysis. As you will hear, the fact that the speech was privileged does not mean it automatica...

SLAPP022 – Abuse of Process Claims and Anti-SLAPP Motions
September 25, 2016

Hooray for Hollywood! In Episode 22 of the California SLAPP Law Podcast, we discuss four cases involving the film industry that have all resulted in anti-SLAPP motions. We also dive deep into abuse of process claims,

SLAPP021 – Anti-SLAPP Motions Against Mixed Causes of Action
September 01, 2016

We discuss the very important case of Baral v. Schnitt, in which the California Supreme Court finally dealt with the split of authorities regarding how to deal with complaints with mixed causes of action; those that contain allegations of both protecte...

SLAPP020 – Sixth District Weighs in on Admissibility of Yelp Reviews and the Law on Inferences
July 04, 2016

In Episode 20 of the California SLAPP Law Podcast, we discuss important Evidence Codes, and my VINDICATION by the California Court of Appeal. The vindication comes in the form of a published opinion from the Sixth District Court of Appeal.

SLAPP019 – Five Best Published Anti-SLAPP Decisions (so far) in 2016
June 09, 2016

On Episode 19 of the California SLAPP Law Podcast, we go through my five favorite reported anti-SLAPP decisions from the first half of 2016. But first we begin with a cautionary tale of an attorney who is being sued for malpractice for failing to have ...

SLAPP018 – All You Need to Know About Anti-SLAPP Motions in Federal Court
May 30, 2016

In episode 18 of the California SLAPP Law Podcast, I discuss an anti-SLAPP motion I decided NOT to pursue, and why. We discuss the case of Weinberg v. Feisel (2003) 110 Cal.App.4th 1122. Then we dive deep into the pros, cons,