Conversations About Life

Conversations About Life

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Playing, Teaching, Politics, & Core Beliefs w/ Skylar
August 05, 2020

I enjoyed a very satisfying conversation with Skylar.  My niece, Cassidy, and Skylar met in Thailand when Skylar was serving in the Peace Corp.  We talk about Skylar's background in theater, his interest in teaching and the importance of play.

Uncle Red and Aunt Ruth Ann, Reminiscing About Life
July 29, 2020

In their 80's, my Uncle Red and Aunt Ruth Ann talk about their family and things that have happened to them in life. - Uncle Red and Aunt Ruth Ann - If you use a podcast app, like iTunes, please give a review of Conversations About Life.

From Childhood in Jamaica To A Professional Life in the USA w/ Pancho
July 22, 2020

Pancho grew up, mainly outside, in Jamaica.  His first time in an automobile was on the way to the airport at age 16 when he would be flown to the USA to meet his dad.  We talk about his childhood in Jamaica, coming to the USA,

The Importance of Mindset w/ Russell Creed
July 15, 2020

Russell has been impacted by "mindset coaching" and is training to be a mindset coach himself.  We talk about the importance of how we think and our foundational beliefs. - Russell Creed - If you use a podcast app, like iTunes,

St Louis League of Empowering Gentlemen w/ Jason Pierce
July 08, 2020

Jason is an architect, city dweller and founder of The Saint Louis League of Empowering Gentlemen.  We met at his home and talked about city neighborhoods, the men's group he started, and the things that have impacted his life. - Jason - St.

Responding To Systematic Racism In St. Louis w/ Amanda
July 01, 2020

I enjoyed talking with Amanda. We talked about racism, especially in St. Louis, it's recent historical causes, and ideas that could possibly help if implemented. - Amanda - Mentioned in this episode is The Gate - If you use a podcast app,

My Neighbor, Dan
June 24, 2020

Dan and I enjoy a beautiful morning on my patio talking about the influence of his dad, his circle of friends, music and art, and animal rescue. - Dad - If you use a podcast app, like iTunes, please give a review of Conversations About Life.

Human Dignity At The End Of Life, Caring For Our Dead, & Creeds w/ Dr. Ron Mackey
June 17, 2020

Dr. Ron Mackey is Director of Advancement for the Baptist Home in Missouri.  Speaking from his experience as a former pastor and life time involvement with people and their loved ones at the end of life, we talk about inherent inefficiencies of the med...

My Reasons for Theism w/ Will & Billy
June 10, 2020

I've enjoyed conversations with a number of atheists lately. I've enjoyed the conversations and the topic of our conversations are not always atheism vs theism, but it's caused me to think about what my reasons for believing in God are. So,

Today’s Generation and Culture w/ Jonny and Ellie
June 03, 2020

My daughter, Ellie, and her husband Jonny talk with me about what today's culture and generation is like.  We talk about the pros, cons and opportunities. - Jonny and Ellie - Ellie's YouTube channel is: Lazy Rehab - If you use a podcast app,