Cailleach's Herbarium

Cailleach's Herbarium

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Interview Guising traditions : A deeper dive into skekling and Skellers with Professor Terry Gunnell
May 04, 2020

Recently I have had the pleasure of speaking to the ever hospitable Professor Terry Gunnell at Iceland’s University all about Guising, Skekling and skeklers. As part of the Taibhsear Collective…

Interview – Isobel Gowdie Concept Album – with Stone Maiden Art and Ex Reverie
June 15, 2018

My folks have always told me I have more a face for radio than I do TV. I also don’t like associating myself with my writing to any great degree. I’m…

Audio Tales for our times – Lore of the land *all episodes
October 16, 2015

Recordings of a radio show about the Lore of the land, discussing folk lore and tales of the land in and around the UK, including Scotland.