Cafecito Break

Cafecito Break

Monday Mornings w/ Ruthie and RA #2420

July 10, 2020

"It always make sense in the end. -RA"
Ruthie and RA offer their latest social political commentary which include,

* A Safer Cheaper Way to Treat Covid Successfully
* Wearing a Mask Debate continues. When is it safe? How can it be dangerous?
* Ruthie and RA Speaking up...  Leaders telling others what to do when it doesn't make sense
* Crazy times, illegal fireworks, more crimes, and shootings reported in major cities across the USA
* The truth about BLM Movement and their mission statement
* Social Distance Snitches
* Gislaine Maxwell Arrested
* The Psychological Fuckery of Temperature Guns

Covid19 - Is There a Magic Bullet? (Ruthie's Notes)

* “Local doctor believes he has found 'silver bullet' for COVID-19” - Texas Emergency Room Doctor, Richard Bartlett, M.D.
* Treats patients with Budesonide, antibiotics, and zinc.
* Treatment is administered via nebulizer. (localized inhalation to lungs instead of full body steroid treatment).
* Patients often feel better in 1st treatment
* He has been treating high-risk COVID-19 patients, like the elderly, those with heart disease and cancer
* 100% success rate

* Watch interview below. Read Source Article.
* “Japanese researchers have discovered that administering a steroid inhalant for asthma helped improve the conditions of three patients infected with the new coronavirus.” - Read Article

* Video of law enforcement official - watch video
* Georgia Stone Mountain BLM - watch video
* NYC Murders statistics - "64 Shot, 10 Dead: Spike in Gun Violence Alarms an On-Edge N.Y.C." - Read the article
* Chicago Murder Statistics - "Fourth of July weekend gun violence in Chicago includes 17 killed, including 2 children, and dozens more wounded". Read the article.
* BLM - (2016 Islamic Conference - Anti Semitism - donations to DNC) - Additional information to be posted at a letr date.
* P. Diddy - book on adrenochrome - screenshot1 & screenshot2
* Kamala Harris - Twitter Screenshot - Why are her records being wiped? I looked at her Wikipedia page and then looked at it on the waybackmachine (