Simulation Debrief by CAE Healthcare

Simulation Debrief by CAE Healthcare

Episode 30: The Power of Simulation

September 18, 2021

Host Dr. Amar Patel, CAE Chief Learning Officer, talks with Monique Corbeil, Executive Director of ESPA Montreal, about the ability of simulation to guarantee learners experience specific healthcare situations and scenarios they otherwise might not. “When you have students in a clinical setting, they may see a clinical situation that’s rare and very severe. If they’re lucky enough to see it, chances are they’re not going to be allowed to act in it, because the risk to the patient is too high. So they’ll basically just witness what professionals are doing, which is not the best way to learn; nothing comparable to the impact of simulation. If you have people interacting in the recreated environment, in the simulation setting and then they can reflect on what they did right or wrong, what they will have learned is much more powerful than just having observed people do it.”


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