Contention 1

Contention 1

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To Minnesota and Beyond
September 19, 2020

Coach Durkee makes it to Minnesota and he and Coach Josh talk about their experience camping, fishing and checking out the local street art. As Durkee considers his next move they discuss some of the effects of the coronavirus on travel.

Welcome to the Road Show
September 13, 2020

In a new series, Coach Durkee chronicles his journey across the US as he continues to teach classes via Zoom. He chats with Coach Josh about dealing with coronavirus safety measures and about the poverty topic and the price controls topic.

S2 EP6 – Gish Gallup
April 17, 2019

Coach Durkee is on location at the SpeechCraft HQ getting ready to talk about the NHSDLC topic. They talk about some logical fallacies and their Contention 1 for the NSDA topic. Plus a new segment: PICs.

S2 EP5 – Topics Я Still Us
April 03, 2019

Josh and Durkee are back…again. In this episode they catch up on the all the debate happenings in the US and China this semester, PF vs other forms of debate and start digging into the two Public Forum topics: Climate Change and Refugee Restrictions.

S2 EP4 – Fear Factor
December 06, 2018

Coach Durkee and Coach Josh talk about overcoming fear of others watching you debate. Plus they cover the latest controversy in the gene editing world how it will affect your debates.

S2 EP3 – Probe the Logic
November 25, 2018

C1 welcomes Coach Jordan Blumenthal to the show to talk about recent tournaments, the gene editing topic and the future of debate in China. Plus they address an interesting phrase from the ballots also known as 論理を調べる.

S2 EP2 – Novices and Beyond
November 14, 2018

Coaches Durkee and Josh have some advice for all the novices attending this weekend’s Shanghai Novice Tournament. They also tackle some more advanced topics like inherency and share their true feelings about Public Forum.

S2 EP1 – Re-gene-esis
November 09, 2018

Don’t call it a comeback! Coaches Durkee and Josh are talking about the new topic: gene editing. Josh gives some first impressions on the topic and muses about GATTACA while Durkee straightens out some misconceptions and gives you his number 1 Con case.

016 – Coach Faceoff
May 21, 2017

Coaches Durkee and Josh face-off in a demo debate on the immigration topic. Get the evidence from this episode at: Or download the evidence here:

015 – 移民不是辣鸡
May 09, 2017

Coaches Durkee and Josh are back talking about the immigration topic. This time they’re discussing some of the worst con arguments–also known as Spicy Chicken arguments. Get the evidence from this episode at: