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Upon Reflection

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Ep. 4 - Online Conferences: Some History, Methods, and Benefits
May 04, 2020

In this episode of Upon Reflection, I explain how academics should conference better. More accurately, I read my chapter, "Online Conferences: Some History, Methods, and Benefits" from Right Research: Modelling Sustainable Research Practices in the Ant...

Ep. 3 - Causal Network Accounts of Ill-being
January 12, 2020

Well-being has been thought of in terms of happiness, desire satisfaction, and other concepts. But it's probably a combination of much more. This episode explains the causal networks involved in well-being.

Ep. 2 - Not All Who Ponder Count Costs
September 02, 2019

Psychology once claimed that more careful reasoners are more willing to cause some harm for the greater good. But this consequentialist thinking may not be more careful. It might just be more mathematical.

Ep. 1 - What We Can Infer About Implicit Bias
August 19, 2019

Spoiler: Implicit bias is not entirely unconscious and involuntary.

Episode 0 - Welcome to Upon Reflection with Nick Byrd
July 29, 2019

A podcast about what we think as well as how and why we think it.