Because You Need to Know Podcast ™

Because You Need to Know Podcast ™

The shape of Artificial Intelligence with guest Tony Rhem

October 28, 2021

Tony Rhem is a recognized thought leader in AI, KM, Big Data, Information Architecture and Innovation. Since 1990 I have served as CEO/Principal Consultant of A.J. Rhem & Associates (AJRA). AJRA is a consulting, training & research firm focusing on knowledge management, AI and system integration with offices located in Chicago IL, and Charlotte NC.

As a consultant, strategist and advisor, Tony has worked with U.S. fortune 500 corporations, in retail, communications, financial, insurance, legal, logistics, education, healthcare, as well as US Federal, State and local government, and the military.

Tony is actively working with emerging technology firms as both an advisor and early stage investor. As a speaker and author he engages the audience to demystify technology to enable its understanding, implementation and practical use.

Tony particularly enjoys working as a technologist in the areas of Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence.