Latest Episodes

S3 Ep. 06: Get Your Money Right
March 04, 2020

Hi Guys! Today I am chatting with my dear friend and award-winning teacher of financial education, Tiffany Aliche. She has made it her mission to empower women and provide them with access to the tools and resources needed to create a better[...]

S3 Ep.05: Just Breathe & Don’t Pass Out
February 26, 2020

Hi Guys! Today I am sharing a few stories on how I became a public speaker and how I almost passed out! Being a public speaker was the last thing I had ever thought I would become being an introvert[...]

S3 Ep. 04: Oh Shit I Quit My Job
February 12, 2020

Hi Guys! Today is storytelling day. I get asked about how and when I decided to quit my job 6 years ago to blog full time. It’s always a difficult decision to make and when you grow up with no[...]

S3 Ep. 03: It Is What It Is
February 05, 2020

Hi Guys! I have a special guest joining me today. My daughter Chastidy is back to chat with me about life’s unexpected and not so great moments and how we deal with them. Sometimes no matter how positive you are,[...]

S3 Ep. 02: It takes Grit
January 29, 2020

Hi Guys! I had the chance to sit and talk with my friend Audrey McLoghlin an amazing and powerful entrepreneur who is continuously inspiring me. Audrey is the founder of Frank & Eileen which was born out of the idea to take[...]

S3 Ep. 01: I’m Back!
January 22, 2020

Hi Guys! I am back for another season and today I am catching you guys up and talking about what you can expect this season.  I am also chatting about new year resolutions and how ridiculous they are! ACTIONABLE TO[...]

S2 Ep 10: Running an Indie Fashion Line: Follow Up
September 19, 2019

Hi Guys! Today I am doing a follow-up episode with guest Mary Alice Duff, owner of Alice|Alexander to get an update on her indie fashion business since her last appearance on the podcast and to announce the launch of our[...]

S2 Ep 09: You Don’t Lack Motivation You Lack Discipline
August 28, 2019

Hi Guys! Today I am discussing the misundersatnding between motivation and discipline and how you can learn to self motivate in order to get shit done consistently. ACTIONABLE TO DO Do something small, feel good about it, then do that[...]

S2 EP 08: The Difference Between an LLC and Sole Proprietorship
August 07, 2019

Hi Guys! Today I am discussing the differences between a single-member LLC and a Sole Proprietorship. I hope this will help you better understand your options when deciding on your business structure. ACTIONABLE TO DO:  Download the PRINT OUT and[...]

S2 EP 07: Just Move! A Continuation To Dealing With Anxiety
July 22, 2019

Hi Guys! Today I am continuing my talk on anxiety and answering some questions you guys asked in regards to my experience that I did not cover. I got so many emails about how that episode helped you and stories that you all shared with me about your ow...