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#004 Andy Leach - CEO £185m North West Fund
July 12, 2010

Andy Leach, CEO of the North West Fund speaks in June 2010 about plans and objectives for the £185m fund at a Techcelerate event

#003 - Speakeasy - Effective Business Communication with Andrew Thorp
February 10, 2010

Andrew Thorp outlines the key learning points for business leaders in effectively communicating their business benefits and message from his Speakeasy events

#002 - The F-Word, Twitter and Sweet Mandarin
February 02, 2010

Insights on making the leap to being an entrepreneur and building a community of engaged customers by mixing new social media marketing techniques with.

Juggle! Rethink Work, Reclaim Your Life
January 30, 2010

A conversation with the author, Ian Sanders, on Juggle! Rethink Work, Reclaim Your Life