Business Greenhouse TV Podcast

Business Greenhouse TV Podcast

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Ep38 - Tithing on Gross or Net, Working in Multiples & Long Suffering
August 17, 2016

I tackle the age old question of how we should tithe on our business income, answer a question about working in multiples like God does and I read a passage from Galatians that leads to a conversation about patience.

Ep37 - Disfunctional Behaviour, Saying No & Finding The Knowledge Of God
August 10, 2016

This week's show includes a new book review, questions about staff and balance and in Word of the Week we talk about how you can find the knowledge of God.

Ep36 - Doing Business With Non-Christians, The Stupidity Of Blind Faith & The Dangers Of Win/Lose Relationships
July 25, 2016

Hi there and welcome to Episode 36.  This week I address one of the most frequent questions I get which is about doing business with non-Christians.  Some people have pretty strong views on this one and mine may be counter to what you might...

Ep35 Quitting, Cashflow & Stewarding Wealth For The Lord
July 10, 2016

In this weeks episode we talk about when it's time to quit, how to manage cashflow and being a good steward of wealth for the Lord.

Ep34 - Politics & Business
June 28, 2016

This weekend is the Australian federal election so we are talking about Business & Politics.

Ep33 - Following Up Prospects, Trademarking, Staying Focused & I Do 2 Shows This Week
June 26, 2016

This weeks first question is a goodie.  Are you more worried about growing your business or annoying people?  That's it, we talk about following up your prospects.  Plus, we talk trademarking and in Word Of The Week we go to Proverbs...

Ep32 - A New Segment To The Show, Choosing Trainings, Debt & Keeping Up With The Jones
June 19, 2016

It's always good to mix things up so this week I introduce a new segment.  Each month I will recommend a book that I have read that has added great value to my business or me personally.  Plus of course I answer your questions.

Ep31 - Motivation, Scheduling Marketing & Trusting God
June 09, 2016

I get frustrated by this weeks first question.  I hear it often my answer is a bit of a reality check.  Plus I talk about scheduling your marketing and in Word Of The Week, I talk about trusting God.

Ep30 - Being Unequally Yoked, Doing Business With Family & Pride
May 23, 2016

I get asked my first question today all the time and my answer might surprise you.  I have a question about doing business with family and in Word Of The Week, I go to Deuteronomy and talk about Pride.

Ep29 - Home Based Business, Mistakes & Why The Kingdom Needs A War Chest
May 16, 2016

In this episode I have a great question about the differences between starting a business from home versus having a shop front.   I talk about the top 3 mistakes I see business owners making and we look at how we can fund the growth of the kingdom.