Business Development Series: Life Planning | Role as Business Owner | Growth | Profit | Value

Business Development Series: Life Planning | Role as Business Owner | Growth | Profit | Value

Latest Episodes

BDS 1: Introduction and Alignment
June 08, 2015

Overview of the Business Development Program with a focus on effective planning and review process... Go to Podcast

BDS 2: Life Planning
June 04, 2015

A look at how life planning affects business people and the values that should be... Go to Podcast

BDS 3: Role of the Business Owner
June 01, 2015

A reflection for business owners to examine their role and review what could or should... Go to Podcast

BDS 4: Business Basics
May 28, 2015

Strategies for efficiently maintaining accuracy in the business for compliance and for consistency to move... Go to Podcast

BDS 5: Business Growth, Profit and Value
May 25, 2015

The fundamental drivers of growing the value of the business along with a SWOT analysis... Go to Podcast

BDS 6: Risk Management
May 19, 2015

Proactive steps to protect the value of your business through Risk Management. Hosted by :... Go to Podcast

BDS 7: Business Structures
May 15, 2015

Important considerations to make in choosing the right structure for your business. Hosted by :... Go to Podcast

BDS 8: Succession Planning
May 12, 2015

Whether close to retirement or not, your business should always be ready for any unforeseen... Go to Podcast

BDS 9: Superannuation
May 10, 2015

How Superannuation fits into a business structure. Hosted by : Director of Business Concepts Group,... Go to Podcast

BDS 10: Key Indicators of an Underperforming Business
May 04, 2015

A business health check covering topics that will highlight areas that are going well and also show areas that need attention or improvement. Hosted by Chris Reed: Director of Business Concepts Group,