Building With BuildHer

Building With BuildHer

Renovate & Make Bank

June 16, 2021

Have you been thinking of ways to generate a little extra cash on the side? Well, if you own a lovely home that has some natural light, you might just be onto something.

Our two special guests today are Jo Johnson and Bella Edwards from Photoloco, a boutique location management company that represent beautiful residential and commercial locations across Australia. With a never-ending need for marketing material and social media content, Photoloco facilitates a relationship between marketing agencies and homeowners to find that perfect location.

In this episode, Rebeka chats to Jo and Bella about what Photoloco does, the kind of homes they look for and how much bang for buck a homeowner gets for hiring out their space. Jo and Bella have built a really unique and wonderful business and it’s a pretty fun way to earn a little money for the jam jar.

Did we mention Rebeka’s house is on their list?





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