Building With BuildHer

Building With BuildHer

What a Year We've Had!!! - The BuildHer 2020 Wrap Up

December 17, 2020

2020, what a nutcracker this year was!  We feel like we need to debrief and pat ourselves on the back for the ridiculous things we’ve done this year. So, we’ve got a bit of a special episode lined up where we publicly congratulate ourselves on all our hard work. We’ve earned it!

In this episode, Rebeka and Kribashini flashback to some of the things they’ve achieved this year and when they start listing them all out, it really is a lot. 2020 was no normal year, and yet they still managed to write a book, pump out so many resources, pivot *shudders* to online courses, build a house and have a baby (well, that one was all Rebeka).

As they recap the year, Rebeka and Kribashini share some of the things they’re really proud of and how they’ve loved seeing the support and encouragement within the BuildHer community. They talk about pivoting *powerful shudder* during Covid and how taking the Masterclass online this year was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. They also talk about the super fun, yet challenging, process of writing a book and how excited (and nervous) they are for it to launch.

What do you want your 2021 to look like?  It all starts with the decisions you make today and Rebeka and Kribashini talk about just giving things a go because that’s how they got to where they are today. They also talk about the huge pressure we place on ourselves to achieve at such a great pace but it’s important to celebrate the wins. Building is hard work and Rebeka and Kribashini share some of the great BuildHer moments from the women in the BuildHer community.

So, if you want to start renovating or developing for profit, maybe 2021 is your year to shine. Whatever it is you want to do, take a moment to congratulate yourself for the things you’ve achieved this year. Celebrate those wins and then dive in and give something a go!


Merry Christmas everyone.  See you in the new year!



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