Building With BuildHer

Building With BuildHer

A BuildHer Building Tale with Suzanne McConchie - She Built a House in 4 Days!

October 14, 2020

Our guest today discovered her passion for sustainability during the process of designing and building a passive house in Melbourne.  Not only is Suzanne one of our talented and industrious BuildHer’s, she is the Engineering Strategy Manager at Ford Motor Company, wife, and mother of two young boys.  To say she’s amazing is an understatement.

With the help of a retired architect friend (everyone needs one of those) and Melbourne-based company, Carbonlite, Suzanne and her husband undertook the construction of a thoughtfully designed passive house with sustainability at the heart of everything.  In this episode we take a dive into some of the details of the build, how the house has been performing over the hot and cold months and why Suzanne and her husband are now huge advocates for sustainable homes.

Suzanne and Kribashini also discuss the juggle of mum life and work life and how they’ve seen a mindset shift occurring in society, enabling families to do things the way that suits them.  Suzanne also opens up about her struggle with anxiety and how acknowledging the hard times and having a great support network is so important.


You don’t have to be protesting for climate change or a loud voice in the environmental impact conversation to take part in helping the planet.  Suzanne shares how her sustainability journey is still unfolding and how each project brings more joy and passion for the next.  Tune in for some inspiration.  Our guess is you’ll want to build a vertical aquaponics farm after this episode.



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