Building With BuildHer

Building With BuildHer

A Chat with Rob Gray from Graya - Building a Budget with Your Builder

October 07, 2020

Hiring a builder versus owner-builder. It is a question we have delved into quite a few times on this podcast as it is difficult for many to see the value in spending money on something they could potentially do themselves. Well, this episode is a little different. Rebeka chats with Rob Gray, half of Brisbane-based building and development company Graya. Their point of difference is that not only will they generate plans based on customer briefs and manage a build, but they can assist in the entire development process from selection and acquisition of the block to choosing the structure, assembling the dream team, and finally to building your vision.

Rob discusses the importance of prioritising branding and marketing early on as a means of building and developing (pun intended) business relationships in the industry. This means Graya has an immense network of reputable architects, contractors, designers and builders at their disposal; a network they have accumulated over many years in the industry. They have come a long way from their affordable beginnings to their niche in the luxury development market, and Rob talks through the evolution of his joint-managed business with his brother before listing the crucial questions you should ask your next builder/designer/architect before recruiting them.

Graya places customer satisfaction at the top of their priority list and in addition to providing an amazing, tested and true service, they facilitate you seeking competitor quotes and pricing checks so you know that your precious budget is being utilised in the most efficient manner. And Rob is proud to state he can’t remember ever losing a contract on these grounds.


So whilst Graya is certainly not in the affordable, entry-level, housing development market, maybe there are a few DevelopHers out there that are looking to take the leap into the lucrative high-end development arena in which case Graya is the ideal first point of contact for you.



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