Building With BuildHer

Building With BuildHer

A BuildHer Building Tale with Rachel Harris - Adopter of Passive Solar Principles

September 16, 2020

There are so many great reasons to be involved in the BuildHer Collective.  Building can be a stressful and somewhat lonely journey but with a group of passionate and collaborative women supporting you all the way through, the building journey becomes so much more fun.


In this episode, Rebeka visits one of our very stylish and thoughtful BuildHer’s, Rachel Harris, to talk about the recent renovation of her beautiful family home in Preston.  Purchasing the Calafornian bungalow a number of years ago while living interstate, Rachel and her husband knew there was a lot of work to be done but instead of rushing ahead, they took their time to carefully research and be thoughtful throughout the design phase.


Rebeka talks to Rachel in detail about the extension to the back of her house, specifically how she implemented passive solar principals such as cross ventilation, heat pumps, a solar chimney and so much more.  By incorporating these design features into the build, Rachel’s home is not only comfortable all year round, but also oozes a thoughtfulness which resonates in each space.


Building and renovation takes time and it can be tempting to cut corners or just take the easy road to get the job done.  What Rachel did so well and we are so proud to see, is that she was thoughtful in the design process to determine the values of her family.  By doing this and taking a bit more time in the design phase, she created a beautiful energy efficient home with well designed spaces that capture sunlight and make you want to linger a little longer.


Rachel’s thoughtfulness is tangible in every aspect of the design.  Tune in to hear more about how Rachel incorporated passive solar principals into her build and how you could do it too!




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