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Building With BuildHer

A Chat with Amy Lunardi - Property in the Time of Covid

April 08, 2020

No one can predict the future. No one can process the complexities of the synchronous dual pandemics of COVID-19 and fear. No one can foretell the impact they will have on the economy, let alone the specific effect they will have on the housing market. As a result of this uncertainty, our social media feeds fill up with uninformed opinions rather than well-researched facts. This breeds ignorance and misinformation which must be dodged at a time like this.

Predictions are best avoided and in their place, preparation and innovation must be adopted. Our guest today is Amy Lunardi - licensed real estate agent, buyer’s advocate, and one-quarter of Melbourne-based independent property buyers advocate company Cate Bakos Property. If I had to sum up her message in one sentence (albeit a self-serving one): get professional help with property investing as it is complex enough even without COVID-19 muddying the waters.

Amy and Cate (from Cate Bakos Property) have purchased 9 properties in the 2 weeks prior to recording this episode (which was recorded in the first week of April 2020) due to uncertainty in the market. Liquidation of off-market properties has sky-rocketed in an effort to bring temporary security nervous property-owners during this global crisis. Furthermore, vendors are limiting people through the door due to contagion concerns resulting in buyer’s agents restricting their time to qualified, motivated buyers only.

Topics covered include current supply and demand, the importance of being a qualified buyer, recognising an opportunity when you see one, finding the right property for you rather than a ‘bargain’, record low interest rates, and making sense of the market in a crisis.

Join Amy and Rebeka as they don their masks, brandish their soap, and get the #stayathome picket sign out to fend off misinformation and ignorance, and keep you breathing the fresh air of property investing confidence.