Builders Business Success Podcast

Builders Business Success Podcast

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Involving Your Team Is Crucial!
July 18, 2021

How to fully utilise your team in line with your vision

How to Build and Maintain a High Performance Team
July 11, 2021

Create a high performing team that can run the business for you

The Power of Procedures
July 04, 2021

Learn how procedures will make your business run itself

Having Your Prospects Praise You
June 27, 2021

Give the most valuable experience to your customers

The Professionally Prepared Proposal
June 20, 2021

The best way to present and create quotes to turn them into proposals

The Meeting to Decide it All
June 13, 2021

Prevent a bad experience with a customer

Put Hurdles in Front of Customers
June 06, 2021

Listen to Mick Hawes talk about how putting hurdles in front of customers can make all the difference

Educate, Don’t Qualify
May 30, 2021

Listen to Mick Hawes talk about why you should not throw away bad customers, but educate them into good prospects

Strategy vs Tactics
May 23, 2021

Listen to Mick Hawes talk about what the “Attract Strategy” is

Creating Your Avatar
May 16, 2021

Listen to Mick Hawes talk about creating a bond with your prospect and give them the best experience