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Bubba & Rockitt Radio Show

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Little League International-Bubba Talks to Dan Velte
April 23, 2019

Bubba & Rockitt are excited to welcome Little League International's Dan Velte to the show!! We talk about Bubba's attempt to make it to the Little League World Series, along with the extremely important values that Little League Baseball and Softball of.

Episode 16-Season 2 Kickoff
February 19, 2019

Welcome to Episode 16; the first of Season 2! As Rockitt tries to keep his Kennel Cough under control, Bubba shares his experiences with joining an awesome baseball team, taking the SAT with a bunch of high school kids, and the downfall of Fortnite? We a.

Episode 15-Don't Over-Commit
August 13, 2018

In Episode 15, Bubba & Rockitt discuss the road to the Little League World Series, the importance of committment, a little bit o' Fortnite, and some shoutouts!! Don't miss upcoming episodes that include Cooperstown and an awesome trip to Disney. Leave yo.

Episode 14-To Spoil or Not to Spoil!
May 17, 2018

More movie reviews... more Fortnite!! In Episode 14, Bubba reviews Avengers Infinity War. What, you didn't see it yet?? We will alert you with a 10 second time out to avoid any spoilers. In 'Reading Letters', we check in with Phil from South Florida. And.

Episode 13-Wrong Car Buddy
April 27, 2018

Wrong car buddy! Zippy joins us on the show today as we discuss his laugh-cry mishap. In Bubba's 'Reading Letters' segment, we hear from Jeffrey in Miami with some great advice that Bubba sort of disagrees with. Will Rockitt reveal his lame strategy for .

Episode 12-Ready Player Yes!
April 16, 2018

Yeppers Peppers! Movie Reviews! In Episode 12, Bubba reviews Ready Player One. Will he see it a second time? And Bubba sounds a tad different due to some new teeth jewelry. Reading letters includes a shout-out to Gianna's mom. And Rockitt introduces his .

Episode 11-Butterfly Wishes for Ellie
April 09, 2018

Episode 11 is a lesson to most parents and kids: The stresses in your everyday life may not be so bad in comparison. Listen to what our very special guest has to say. And not only is this 11 year old a pro at handling more stress than the average kid OR .

Episode 10-Grocery Shopping at Home Depot?
April 02, 2018

Whaaa? Grocery shopping at Home Depot? Find out what "home improvements" are in kid cereals. Bubba is a self-proclaimed scientist. We also discuss Bubba's favorite fan... NOT! Don't miss "Reading Letters" with a shout-out to Sammy and her mini-me. Please.

Episode 9-A Wrinkle in Bubba's iPhone
March 24, 2018

Episode 9 features the kid movie review of Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time". Listeners will also hear why Bubba lost iPhone privileges for a week! Get ready for shout-outs to Nancy in Tampa, as well as Ellie in Atlanta who is fighting to find a cure for the .

Episode 8-Coach Mom Got a Little Feisty!
March 20, 2018

Uh oh! In Episode 8, Bubba & Rockitt discuss the meltdowns that can happen on the youth sports fields. Adults need to take a lesson from the kids that just wanna play! Can coaches be compared to polar bears? Bubba figures out a way. And we have some shou.