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BTG For President

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Building a Husband with Chan
October 29, 2020

BTG For President Episode #164 Chan and I went live again and decided to build a husband the right way!!! But for every great quality, there has to be a flaw that comes with it. Nobody is perfect but we definitely tried to create the perfect one for Chan

Autumn’s Leaf
October 22, 2020

BTG For President Episode #163 The Lit Life podcaster stops by. Autumn shares her dream ownership and walks a down an Ohio vibe. Now I did ask her if she would date a guy that sucks his thumb lol. Let’s see what her response was. Autumn’s Leaf #B4P

Kings Of Content
October 15, 2020

BTG For President Episode #162 Haize has created a network full of podcasters from across the US. Outside of the RareSonance Network…they’re probably the only network that not only provides a plethora of content but the variety of creators connecte

The Voice
October 08, 2020

BTG For President Episode #161 Audrey (AudTales Podcast) stops by to answer some very interesting questions. You may have heard these segments before lol. Will she accept a candy corn turkey? What’s her perfect day like? Let’s see what Audrey talking abo

I Got Merch
October 01, 2020

BTG For President Episode #160 My brand has been rebranded, and I got Merch! But there’s a few things I have to explain to my audience. It’s only a 2 man roster over here. Bear with me…I appreciate the love and support but it’s also overwhelming wh

Wudupdoe, Mike
September 24, 2020

BTG For President Episode #159 Mike (Wudupdoe and One Mike Podcast) and I break out the red wine and cigars and chat it up. A Detroit and and Los Angeles connection. The history between Detroit and Cali cats goes deeper than basketball rivalries. LOL. Wu

Nipples snd Stockings
September 17, 2020

BTG For President Episode #158 Me, the wife , and Drake walk into a bar and end up talking. Stockings, massages, and some other random content that came to mind. But it all started with a question… Nipples and Stockings #B4P158 Support the network

Podiversary, Year 3
September 10, 2020

BTG For President Episode #157 I’m not gon lie to y’all…I definitely went on a rant and  completely forgot what I said, but I know it was fire lol. I’m humble after 3 consistent years of content. Through the ups and down. I’m actually pro if t

7everal Views From Spence
September 03, 2020

BTG For President Episode #157 Spence from Views From The 7 Podcast spoke on the ups, downs, goals, and passions of his craft. Sometimes you can just get focused on a very well spoken speech. That’s what took place this episode. We chop it up about the p

Brace Yourself
August 27, 2020

BTG For President Episode #156 I might be late to the party, but I’m on my way to the party. The one flaw I’ve been having since middle school has now been addressed. I battled with the decision for years. And now, we’re here. On lockdown for the next 24